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Triple Light™ Headlamp

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This is the ULTIMATE headlamp that is perfect for any adventure

Natural and manmade disasters are now the norm rather than the exception. If you travel a lot, you never know what kind of trouble is waiting for you out there. One of these days, the going will get tough. When that day comes, be ready for the worst. 

Always have a Triple Light™ Headlamp in your car or boat to light the way during an emergency. Be sensible and never go camping or drive at night without one. You might get lost or need to service your car in the dark. 

These heavy-duty ultra bright headlamps were designed to be carried by firemen, police, U.S. Navy Seals, the U.S. Coast Guard and troops stationed overseas. Ask any of them to name their favorite gear, and a high-output headlamp will be on the list.

"This high-output headlamp could save your life in an emergency.  NEVER go camping or drive at night without this in your car"

Here's a quick overview of the features:

LED Light - 3,000 lumens output 

►  4 working modes: high/ middle/ low/ flashing. 

►  90°rotatable, waterproof and heatproof. 

► Up to 4-6 hours working time under full charge 

► Battery & charger kit included

Super-bright LED Lamps vs. Clunky Battery Lamps 

Soldiers and police will tell you that your Dad's old C- or D-cell battery headlamp will not cut it compared to these modern headlamps. First of all, the older models are clunky, dim and made from easy to break plastic. Old headlamps are also comparatively heavy and become uncomfortable on your forehead. 

So why is the Triple Light™ Headlamp different? 

Older style headlamps couldn't project 3,000 lumens. But recent advancements in lighting technology make this intensity possible in a consumer product. 

Laura Hansen of Sioux City, Iowa found out how important it is to always pack a high-powered headlamp when camping. While on a hike, she said, 'I lost my way on the trail as it was getting dark.' But, thanks to her Dad's insistence that she travel safe, Laura packed a Triple Light™ Headlamp in her gear bag.

"It cut a path of daylight through a pitch black forest, and I was able to find my way back to the campsite fast. Without the Triple Light™ Headlamp, I might have spent a night or two in the woods," Laura told us.

Like a Ninja in the Dark 

Anyone, regardless of age, sex, or physical state, can be like a ninja in the darkness when wearing a Triple Light™ Headlamp.

A 3,000-lumen headlamp was unheard of in the past, as this intensity was reserved for special operations personnel. Luckily, the rules have changed, and consumers like yourself are authorized to purchase this high caliber gear to ensure your personal safety.

Make a high-powered Triple Light™ Headlamp a part of your everyday carry for reliable, functional lighting on any mission. 


For a short time only, we're offering the Triple Light™ Headlamp as part of a complete package. We'll send you the Triple Light™ Headlamp at a special introductory price of only $49.99!

We'll also send you everything you need to keep your Triple Light™ Headlamp charged and ready to assist at all times. You get a free battery pack, a battery recharger and car charger. 

 A 3,000 lumens Max Output 

 3 LED Light Headlamp 

 2x 18650 Free Batteries 

 Free Battery Charger 

 Free Car Charger

All of this for only $49.99.

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