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Snake Venom Eye Cream

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Reduce Eye Puffiness Instantly!



Due to common everyday stress, staying up late, staring at mobile/computer screens, and ageing, there are frequent problems that occur with the skin under the eyes. Thanks to the Snake Venom Eye Cream, you can effectively improve the condition of dark circles, puffy eyes, and saggy loose skin! The Snake Venom Eye Cream is the ideal eye care product that promotes skin metabolism and maintains a healthy collagen balance. It penetrates down to the epidermal level, contrary to traditional creams that only work on the skin surface. This miracle cream provides energy to the inside of skin cells and tightens collagen structures from the outside.




  • IDEAL EYE CARE - Promotes skin metabolism and maintains collagen levels. With three kinds of hyaluronic acid molecules, it can moisturize, smoothen, and nourish the skin.
  • PRECIOUS SYN-AKE VENOM - Syn-ake is a patented ingredient that simulates the phenomenon of snake venom invading human skin nerves, causing the skin to produce a contraction. This in turn makes loose skin become firmer and more elastic.
  • DEEPLY PENETRATES FOR MAX EFFECTIVENESS - In contrast to traditional creams that can only work on the surface of the skin, the Snake Venom Eye Cream penetrates to the epidermal level, energizing cells internally, and tightening collagen structures externally.




  • Net Weight: 30g




  • 1 x Snake Venom Eye Cream

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