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Peel-Off Facial Cream

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Peel-Off Your Skin Problem Instantly!


As we age, we cannot avoid having fine lines and wrinkles. It is a natural part of aging. Let me introduce the next generation of anti-aging cream that targets 3 major aging parameters in one unique SPF 30 cream. Will give you firmer skin, more even skin tone, and visibly reduces fine lines in just 4 weeks.

The unique ingredients, sourced exclusively in France, is now proven to act on the signs of aging linked to the loss of collagen. A nutrient powerhouse is proven for triple efficiency. The formula is easily absorbed by the skin and will show instant effects like smoother and moisturized skin. 


  • Antioxidant Defense: It removes dullness and dead skin for a radiant look. It protects your skin against sun exposure, pollution, smoking, the food you eat, and stress.
  • Anti-Aging: Effectively repair wrinkles, diminish fine lines, deeply repair the skin, make the skin more delicate and smooth. The mask contains hyaluronic acid extract, which can continuously replenish the skin and keep the skin supple.
  • Nourishes the skin: Effectively moisturizes and lightens pigment, making your skin looking brighter and healthier. 
  • Perfect for all skin types: From normal, dry to oily skin this is perfect because This mask has good oil control effect, effectively balancing the skin's water and oil components, making the skin supple and not greasy
  • Safe and Non-toxic: Specially formulated with natural ingredients making it safe with no harmful chemicals and safe for sensitive skin. 


  • Net Weight: 30g.
  • Ingredient: Eggshell Membrane Extract, Yeast Fermentation Product Extract, Tocopherol acetate hydrogenated lecithin, 1,2 Hexanediol, etc.


  • 1 x Peel-Off Facial cream

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