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Pain-Relief Magnetic Thermal Neck Brace

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Forget about your old electric neck heating pads that needed battery change every once in a while or made your life difficult with their tangling wires. This is the ultimate, neck braces that promises to relieve your tense neck muscles and save you from those awful migraines easily and safely.

Featuring three embedded powerful magnets, this smart, neck brace is super easy to apply and quickly generates deeply penetrating, stay warm to the problem areas. Lightweight and soft, it provides maximum soothing for acute neck pain, muscle spasms, chronic stiffness and tension in the head area and can aid physical therapy and speed up recovery after sports injuries.

Made from top quality, breathable, latex and cotton materials, this effective neck wrap feels soft to the skin and allows it to breathe naturally, while keeping your neck comfortably warm. Stylish and discreet, you can take it with you at work or wear it on your air travels.


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