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Mineral-Rich Magnetic Face Mask

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Introducing our new revolutionary mineral-rich magnetic mud mask! This revitalizing mask combines traditional face mask ingredients along with added vitamin-rich essences and iron particles to create a micro-current in the skin. When removing the mask with a magnet, it extracts and cleanses the impurities from the skin and enhances the skin's ability to heal itself and restore the functions of aging skin cells in the process. 

"Magnets have long been used in healthcare, especially to help improve wound healing and in orthopedic injuries, and many anti-aging treatments have roots in similar methods." Says Dr Joshua Zeichner Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in Dermatology of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. 

This vitamin-rich mud mask will not just change your skin routine for the better, but also your life! Don't spend thousands of dollars on risking a botched cosmetic surgery with harmful chemicals injected into your body. This is a much safer, cheaper, faster and most importantly, healthier alternative for having a cleaner, smoother, glowing and younger-looking skin!


✔ VITAMIN RICH: This innovative face mask is made of Vitamin Rich Dead Sea Mud, which is infused with 24 kinds of skin-protecting and nourishing minerals that help to remove/clean dirt pores and impurities from your skin.

✔ PAINLESS: Say goodbye to those annoying and awfully PAINFUL face masks that just won't come off! And leaves you with nothing but DRY and FLAKY skin. 

 It combines traditional face mask ingredients along with iron particles to create a micro-current in the skin when used with a magnet, it enhances the skin's ability to heal itself and restore the functioning of aging skin cells.

✔ NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Stay worry-free from harmful chemicals that are bad for your long-term health and rest assured that our mud mask only contains clinically tested and approved super ingredients! 

✔ NON-MESSY: The beneficial properties of iron, with the assistance of the magnet tool, allows you to to not only promote the flow of blood circulation in your face, but also capture all the mess leaving you with only the nutrients that your skin needs!

✔ EFFORTLESS: Save TIME and MONEY with the useful tools included in the package, making the application process AND removal process SUPER FAST and EASY!


STEP 1: Apply the mask on to your face.

STEP 2: Wait 5-10 minutes.

STEP 3: Wrap the magnet tool with tissue or plastic wrap, and hover it over the mask. 

STEP 4: Gently massage your skin.


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