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Salon Negative Ion Hairbrush

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Having a bad hair day with flyaway, frizz and static? It's time to balance out your hair ions with the Salon Negative Ion Hairbrush.

Brushing, towel-drying and just day to day movement can cause the negative ions in your hair to get stripped away. Conditioners work by restoring these negative ions, leaving hair silky smooth.

This Salon Negative Ion Hairbrush works in the same way - emits negative ions into your hair, immediately restoring the balance of ions.

You'll notice that after only brushing your hair with this hairbrush just a few times, your hair will be noticeably more shiny, smooth, frizz-free, and manageable - like it's just been professionally conditioned.


  • Ion Generator: Once switched on, the Premium Electric Ionic Hairbrush releases negative ions which helps to reduce split ends and knotting, giving your hair that smooth, silky, and lustrous look you've always wanted.
  • Rounded End Tips & Cushioned Brush: The rounded end tips of the brush help prevent the scalp from getting damage while brushing and the cushioned brush allows the brush to follow through your head shape.
  • Vibrates & Massages: After switching the brush on, you will notice a gentle vibration used to massage your scalp and release negative ions at the same time. This promotes blood circulation within the scalp which can make your hair grow faster and healthier - while gently untying cotters and knots in your hair.
  • Easy To Use: Switch on the brush once you're ready to achieve shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair. Switch it off once you're satisfied with the brushing you've accomplished.


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