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Eco-Friendly Rodents Repeller

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This is next repellent technology that will keep an eye on your yard from those annoying pests every single day without failing. Works best in outdoor, our repellent is equipped with solar battery cell to keep running every day & night without the need of traditional power cord. 

Eco-Friendly Rodents Repeller chases away moles, shrews, voles, and many other burrowing rodents by generating a sonic pulse that penetrates the soil. It produces a sonic pulse of approximately 400Hz every 30 seconds and provides up to 7,500 square feet of coverage. 

Eco-Friendly Rodents Repeller emits vibration and sounds every 30 seconds, which to rodents sound like their natural danger signals so cause them to avoid the area,the rang of this module is about 7 meters(depending on land ownership).To cover a larger area,it will be necessary to use several devices. Repellent protect your gardens and lawns from moles, voles, mice, rats and other burrowing animals.


  • Easy and safe to use. 
  • No poison, no chemical. 
  • Solar powered with rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery. 
  • Not effect people, animals or pets. 
  • Emits out 2 seconds sonic wave every 30 seconds.

Solar Pest Repellent is powered by a big size solar cell.The unit is to be used outside and be able to get sunlight,at least during part of the day. When fully charged, the batteries have enough power to operate the mole repellent through the hours of darkness and maintain continuous 24-hour protection, much economical compare to battery powered mole repeller.

It's Easy to use. No need any cable connection. Just insert spike into the ground then turn ON/OFF switch and enjoy the pest free environment you deserve.

How to Install:

  • Press the ON/OFF button to turn on. 
  • Insert the unit into the ground at least 8" deep. You can fully insert the unit so that the base of the housing is against the ground. DO not hammer the unit/ You may need to dig a hole first in the hard-pack earth. 

CHEMICAL-FREE: Repeller is safe for use around pets and children. No chemicals, no poison, no sprays or traps, no dead animal;

WEATHERPROOF: Suitable for all weather conditions. But choose the best sun location, so the solar panel to can receive the light as directly as possible.


Solar panel: 4.3V, 20mAh 
Battery: 3.2V, 250mAh rechargeable battery 
Frequency: 400Hz ±100 
Duty cycle: ≈30 sec. 
Height: 260mm / 10.24" 
Diameter: 70mm / 2.76" 
Effective range: 7,500 sq.ft / 96ft  


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