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The Spellbinder™ Glass Dip Calligraphy Pen

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The Spellbinder is a truly magical glass pen, worthy of its name. This glass dip pen is worth its weight in gold for writers and artists alike. Hand crafted in high quality glass, The Spellbinder is every bit as functional as it is beautiful, offering a unique and arresting visual appeal while delivering perfect lettering and flawless lines with each use. The rainbow design is as pretty as the curves, twists, bold lines and fine strokes it creates with professional precision.

Watch as ink flows effortlessly from The Spellbinder’s gorgeous, transparent glass nib. Why should you own a glass pen, you ask? Glass pens are excellent tools for writers and artists. They offer more ink distribution, and they are the perfect weight, allowing for a smoother, more comfortable writing experience.

Calligraphy is having a revival, and The Spellbinder is the perfect addition to any enthusiast’s collection. Not only is it a conversation piece that delights with its visual beauty, but the quality it offers is second to none. A pen so beautifully crafted definitely deserves a place in your pen lineup! Easy to use and very durable, simply dip The Spellbinder into the ink and watch magic unfold! Available in 5 distinct colors to choose from, the Spellbinder resembles a magic wand - and once you’ve used it, you just might believe it is one!

What’s in the Package?

  • 1 Spellbinder Glass Pen
  • 1 5ml Bottled Ink
  • 1 Glass Pen Holder

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